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PRoffessional photography studio Luxembourg

Studio portrait photography

Studio photography session

* The team will try to fullfill one of the dates depending on the scheduling of the studio in Luxembourg

PREPARATION for studio

Studio Photography Luxembourg

Firstly, a session normally takes anything from 1 to 3 hours. Therefore there is no time limit on the session and as a result, it continues until the goal is reached.  Most importantly the ideas and preparation for each session will be discussed in a brief call. However If you have no ideas, we will present fresh ideas for the studio session. Therefore our experienced professional photographers will guide you through the ideas and come up with new ones. 

Moreover your clothes for the session should be ironed before the session and brought separate. For full body pictures separate shoes is recommended. After the session you will receive a link to a password protected library for selection of pictures. In addition the photographer will also show you pictures during the session to agree and to develop the session in the right direction..

Interested in A studio session?

Send us an email with suggestion of 2 dates and contact information. Most importantly, please provide a phone number so the photographer can make necessary preparations and discuss the ideas with you.